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Welcome to Dattem, we are a forward thinking marketing agency specialising in email.

Who We Are

Our story is a simple one. Working in a performance marketing environment, Dattem brought together a team of experts to create a unique force in digital marketing. We are constantly looking to knock over the status quo. Through our innovative approach, we create and accelerate online content for our clients. We don’t believe in conforming. Pushing the boundaries in digital marketing, we are a disruptive force looking to break away from the norm and provide an alternative to traditional marketing. In the way we seek to build visual impressions through billboards and bus stops, we can use social media to gain online impressions. Social media is a medium that gives you unparalleled targeting and an ability to know your audience.

What We Do

Our superiority over other marketing agencies stems from cultivating our unique orchards of potential customers. Years of social communication has resulted in unprecedented levels of trust, engagement and an appetite spanning many millions. Combining our social channels with our coveted access to the latest developments in social media and with our passion for continual improvement, we are able to deliver value to our clients through better targeting and more cost effective access to customers. Our experience allows you to harness the power of social media and with our flexible, adaptable thinking and our multi-channel approach, we deliver unrivalled results and a superior digital strategy.

What We Do

We know how to capture audiences, generate new customers and build brands. With over 40 years experience in digital marketing we provide outstanding service and delivering results for our clients.

We own and operate our own portfolio of high performing lead generation sites as well as work with some of the leading advertisers in the affiliate marketplace to deliver in excess of 50,000 leads per month for credit cards, loans, surveys, test drives and brochure requests, newsletter sign ups and more.

  • Email

    We broadcast email campaigns every day. Our campaigns are sent with the purpose of enhancing the relationship between the consumer and advertiser, acquiring new customers for our partners, increasing brand engagement, or simply just trying to get consumers to buy something new.

  • Social

    We engage with consumers via social media. In addition to our own social reach we also utilise partners to enable us to reach many millions of potential consumers via social media either in a standalone campaign or as part of a combined channel approach.

  • Affiliate

    We work with performance marketing networks. Our partners use us to deliver more consumers to their advertisers offers, predominantly we do this via email and social media, but we also look at an omni-channel approach to all campaigns offered to us.

  • Data

    We manage data on behalf of our partners. After completing our due diligence we will broadcast partners data to a variety of offers in line with what the consumer has opted IN to receive, these could be finance, prize draws, travel, telecoms, dating, claims, gambling and other special offers. Predominately the data is collected via consumer lifestyle surveys and provided to us by strategic partners.

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